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The Wheel Tray, a TV Tray for the Car, Launches First Product Line

Los Angeles-based inventor revolutionizes the way people eat, drink, and work in their vehicles.

The Wheel Tray, a 'TV Tray' for the Car, Launches First Product Line

The Wheel Tray, a TV Tray for the car, has launched it's first product line in a crowdfunding campaign. The innovative product revolutionizes the way people eat, drink and work in their vehicles.

The universal-fitting Wheel Tray that attaches to the steering wheel is compatible with the majority of car manufacturers worldwide and takes the mess out of eating in a parked car or trying to work while on the go. The light-weight, easy-to-use and store Wheel Tray takes less than 5 seconds to set up, tucks between the seat and center console, and has a pocket to put loose items like keys, pens, books or a mobile device.

The Wheel Tray also comes with an optional white board section to make for easy note taking while on a call in your parked vehicle.

As an entrepreneur and consultant, I was constantly having to grab a meal on the go and would end up sitting in my car taking phone calls and trying to get work done between appointments. I would have nowhere to put my drink, food or phone and was constantly making a mess, said Mark Machuzek, creator of The Wheel Tray.?I thought to myself ... if only there was a tray that would hook over my steering wheel that would making eating and working in my car less messy and a more enjoyable experience ... so I invented one.

The Wheel Tray will be completely manufactured in?the United States, and the company hiring policies will incorporate the core values of diversity and inclusiveness. The plan is to hire single parents, veterans, seniors and people with special needs to produce the product which has been an important aspect of my family's business since day one, earning us Dunn & Bradstreet's Small Company of the Year award seven times, said Machuzek. Our intention from the pre-orders from our crowdfunding campaign will be to take us from an in-house, limited capacity operation to mass production so that everyone who lives life on the go will be able to reap the benefits of The Wheel Tray.

See additional information below or visit:

The Wheel Tray

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